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1&1 launches extensive security initiative in collaboration with Symantec

 1&1 to provide free SSL certificates by Symantec // Safest of the safe thanks to secure data transaction, DDoS protection, data availability and certified data centers

1&1 Europe’s leading webhost (www.1and1.com), has announced a collaboration with the leading security provider, Symantec, to launch an extensive security initiative to secure its customers’ online presence and make the internet safer.

In addition to the advanced security components in the 1&1 data centers and the large security services, 1&1 customers can now benefit from the free SSL certificates by Symantec which are included in almost every 1&1 hosting package.

Robert Hoffmann, CEO 1&1 Internet SE, explains: “Currently, 97 percent of websites worldwide are insufficiently secured. With our security initiative, we want to support our customers and make protecting their websites easy and reliable. We are pleased to have Symantec as a well-known technology partner to equip our products with included SSL certificates.”


Safest of the safe – protecting websites for free

With SSL certificates by Symantec, 1&1 now offers a free and easy-to-activate solution for a safer web presence. Managed WordPress powered by 1&1, 1&1 MyWebsite, Domains, 1&1 Web Hosting and the powerful 1&1 Cloud Server are all equipped with this security feature by default.

Customers who have chosen a package managed by 1&1 are able to activate the SSL certification quick and easy on the user interface, while users of the root server can install the certification themselves.

“We are very happy to work with the leading hosting providers, 1&1, in order to make the internet safer,” adds Roxane Divol, senior vice president and general manager of website security at Symantec. “The World Wide Web is subject to constant change, which always involves new challenges and requires a rethink in regards to internet security. 1&1 saw this trend coming and now makes every effort to sensitize and protect its customers. We are proud to be a part of this fantastic new initiative.”


Always on the safer side – the 1&1 security components

Besides the included SSL certificates, 1&1 also offers additional security components to further protect customers as best as possible, such as the best protection against malware thanks to SiteLock and Norton Besides the ISO-27001 certificated data centers, 1&1 also offers geo-redundant infrastructures in parallel operation. In addition, protection via Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures a fast data delivery even in peak times. Furthermore, the 1&1 data centers are protected against attacks from cyber criminals thanks to DDoS and powerful firewalls.

Further information on the 1&1 security campaign: www.1and1.com/security

To learn more about security, please also visit the 1&1 Digital Guide at www.1and1.com/digitalguide/tags/security/

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